Welcome to the Township of Dawson

An amalgamation of small townships, Dawson is located at the mouth of Rainy River and offers a whole host of outdoor entertainment including fishing, hunting and camping.


The History of Dawson

Dawson was created in 1997 by the amalgamation of the former Township of Atwood, Township of Blue, Township of Dilke and Township of Worthington. Each of these former municipalities were created in the early 1900s. The Council decided to amalgamate in order to improve efficiency.

The name Dawson was chosen in order to recognize the historical Dawson Trail which was the main route of settlers moving from the east to the western part of Canada. 

Public Notices

Requests for Proposals

The Township accepted proposals from roadside cutting and two different requests for the supply, load, haul, spread crushed gravel on various township roads. SEE PROPOSAL FORMS below. Contact Patrick W Giles, Clerk-Treasurer 807 852-3529 for further information...

Underused Housing Tax Form for Non Resident of Canada

Nov 1st 2023 update the returns for 2022 is now due by April 30th 2024. All non residents of Canada owing residential property in Canada must get a tax Identity Number and file a Underused Housing Tax Form by April 30 2023. There are exemptions however if you do not...