About Dawson

Township of Dawson History:

Dawson was created in 1997 by the amalgamation of the former Township of Atwood, Township of Blue, Township of Dilke and Township of Worthington. Each of these former municipalities were created in the early 1900s. The Council decided to amalgamate in order to improve efficiency.

The name Dawson was chosen in order to recognize the historical Dawson Trail which was the main route of settlers moving from the east to the western part of Canada. 

The vast Wildland, Bishop and Paskonkin Reserves served our First Nation people for many years as their home and vast hunting grounds. The Hungry Hall located along the Rainy River in the northern portion of the municipality served as a stop off and refreshment spot for travelers. The Hudson Bay Reserve was also a stop off on the fur trading routes.  

Dawson fronts on the banks of the Rainy River and includes the Villages of Pinewood and Sleeman. The municipality has over 200kms of municipal drainage works which provide outlets for drainage of the vast farm lands. Farming has been a vibrant part of the community. The lumber industry once a huge part of the area has decreased in importance in recent years. The CNR and EFG natural gas lines dissect the municipality.

Today agriculture continues to provide employment and commercial activity within the Township. In recent years there has been a shifting from the historical mixed farming to a more active cereal grain industry. Although the many dairy farms no longer exist there does continue to be many beef cattle farming operations. During this transition the population of the former Townships declined significantly as many small family farms disappeared. 

The municipality surrounds the Town of Rainy River which is the main service center for the area.